A Freedom of Information Request by a Yorkshire Campaigner, has led to the first detailed map of potential HS2 Lines of Route being brought into the public domain. This Zoomable map shows the Route chosen in 2012, the "Consulted Meadowhall Route" which was then subject to a 6 month Public Consultation 2013-4, following Governmental Consultation 2012-3. This route took 4 years to research 2008-2012, and was advocated by HS2 Limited and the Government as THE transport solution for Yorkshire from 2013-2016, when it was dropped on July 7th 2016. The Red Route LR-4 was called "East of Rotherham" and was "parked" ie rejected in 2011 in the sifting process. The Most Western Route "West of Barnsley" was also parked. In 2016, East of Rotherham was adopted by HS2 as the alternative to the Meadowhall Route on the pretence of it being less costly, offering less impacts and more benefits and connectivity. In fact - campaigners have discovered it offers worse cost,impact, benefits and connectivity than the Meadowhall Route. The Route to the West of Barnsley offers the best impact,benefit and connectivity profile, and if the requirements of Northern Powerhouse Rail are considered it offers the best cost profile (saving £5bn) What a mess - no wonder that 94% of Yorkshire Public rejected HS2 M18 Eastern Route (aka East of Rotherham) & HS2 itself.